The Reach of IT in Today’s World

First, everyone at PSAB treats IT staff with respect AND PATIENCE and we thank you for that. Thought we would bring an interesting situation to your attention to maybe shed some light on the complexity of even the simplest things that you may not consider during your every day job.

Our conference is coming up. One of the rooms at the conference is called the Nigera Room (PURPOSELY MIS-SPELLED TO ALLOW YOU TO SEE THIS). That term is a big red flag as far as SPAM, phishing viruses, etc. A very large proportion of attacks come from that area of the world. Consequently, our spam filters would pick up any Email that made reference to that term, which they did. That leads us to:

1) From Hershey’s standpoint, that is something that their staff probably never considered.
2) From our standpoint, it hinders PSAB productivity. By the same token, releasing it would make us at least 50% more likely to have a major incident. What we did, was allow Email that referenced that term in conjunction with Hershey to pass through our filters. Most companies, boroughs, etc., would not have the technical expertise to “create” that limited of a hole in security.

Only bringing this up because several staff had to, and are, dealing with Hershey and the conference. Hopefully our “fix” helps. However, with that in mind, this article was just released today, showing how vulnerable we “could” have been by simply allowing the term to pass through our filters, even for a very limited period.

Nigera BEC Scammers Goring Smarter and More Dangerous

Again, the purpose of this post is to thank the staff for their understanding and patience when issues like this arise and you may think that IT is taking too long to react. I today’s environment, a tine hole in the dam can become a huge flood in seconds and there are so many variables to consider that knee-jerk reactions are seldom the correct choice.

Have a terrific weekend everyone and thanks again!

Gabe, Mike, Josh and Team

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