Verizon Discontinuing Email Service

Date: March 2, 2017 | Categories:

We remember seeing something about some of the ISPs getting out of the Email business. Today, a staff member got a notice from Verizon indicating that their Email was being discontinued so we did some checking.

Those types of messages can viral in nature. If the message contains a link that supposedly goes to your webmail, it is most likely viral. Do not click on ANY links provided in messages unless you are 100% sure where they lead. If you have questions, forward the entire email to your IT administrator.

With that said we did some research and came up with the following which indicates that Verizon is going to remove Email addresses that are unused for a period of time. It appears to be 180 days, however, details are sketchy. To prevent this from happening, you would need to log in to your Verizon webmail and send a message and that would reset the countdown timer. Again, though, to not click any links provided in an Email. Rather, use the information you were provided by Verizon at the time you signed up to access your Verizon webmail.

Please note that other major ISPs will most likely start to implement this same policy as unused Email boxes pose a security risk for the provider.

Read more about Verizon’s Email policy…

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