Virtual Private Servers Now Available!

CourseVector is proud to offer virtual private server hosting! A VPS is an ideal compromise between a shared-server hosting plan and an expensive dedicated server. If your website is using too many server resources or you simply need more control, a VPS might be the hosting option you’re looking for.

With shared-server hosting, a client is limited in all aspects of control. What’s good for one site is good for the rest. The client is locked into the security features, storage limits, email boxes, and system resources allocated by the host. For many website owners, this is just fine. However, for many, there comes a point when growth is hindered by standard hosting plans.

What is a virtual private server?

A VPS is a virtual computer that runs its own copy of an operation system. Its users have administrator access, allowing control over software, storage limits, email boxes, and security. With dedicated resources and administrator access, it is a great, cost-effective solution if shared-server hosting is slowing you down. A VPS offers:

  • Increased customization
  • Expanded website performance
  • Stability with growth
  • More system resources
  • Flexibility and control

Why VPS with CourseVector?

In short, 24/7 monitoring and unmatched customer service. You can expand your performance level and upgrade your business affordably. VPS hosting starts at $125 per month. Contact CourseVector for a quote.

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