Voice Message Are WAV Files – Others Can Contain Viruses

Today, a staff member received what appeared to be a voice message:

Subject: New voicemail from (606) 209-3311 at 6:54 AM
Date: 2017-02-22 11:39
From: Microsoft Voice

You have a voice mail

The problem was, the attached file was a .pdf and not a .wav file. The unsuspecting victim opened the PDF file. In this case, the PDF file was actually a document with a malware link inside the document. The PDFfile itself was not an issue. At that point, the staff member stopped and contacted IT. If the link inside the PDF file had been clicked, there would have definitely been internal issues.

Please note: Voice message end in WAV ! So, a voice message attachment may look like 66576548.wav. If there is ANY OTHER EXTENSION on the end of a voice message other than WAV, it is bogus and should be reported to IT. A WAV file cannot contain a virus as there is no way to execute a file from within a WAV file.

Please use caution and common sense and check the extension before opening a voice message.

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