Web Design with WordPress

Many small to medium size business owners believe that WordPress allows anyone to design a quality website.

While WordPress is a free content management system (CMS) for web design, it takes time to plan, design, and develop an actual website.

What the small business owner believes is a fully planned website and what the developer/designer knows is a well-planned website differs significantly. Many business owners could get those opposing views a great deal closer by asking and researching the answer to these questions:

  • What is the goal or purpose of the site? Is it to entertain or to sell a product or service?
  • How will my website convert a searcher into a subscriber or customer?
  • Who is the target audience? Many erroneously believe everyone is their target, yet they are selling pet products. How many non-pet owners will be interested in their site?
  • Who will be the natural customer? Knowing this will make it easier for the copywriter to write persuasive text for the site.
  • How will I get people to my website?

Frequent Mistakes that cause Frustration and Financial Failure

WordPress Web Design Failures

Inexperience – Countless small business owners decide to hire an inexperienced developer to save money. Although, some have talent and can create a worthy website, most miss the important elements of development, including security and acceptable Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Likewise, some of these same owners, in an attempt to curb costs, hire freelance writers who may not have good communication skills in the base language of the target audience, they have no real concept of grammar and spelling.

Pre-made Themes – Using cookie-cutter themes, once again, boils down to budget. A business owner with a limited budget decides on an inexpensive theme. These themes are often inferior and can lead to excess maintenance costs throughout the life of the site.

Affordable Hosting – Free Hosting may seem to work fine for a while until the website is hacked because security is not a priority for the host. Back-ups are not provided to help manage ongoing costs. Also, load times are critical to SEO and free or cheap hosting is usually very slow.

No SEO – Most nonprofessionals do not realize how much content is required for each page. Without quality content and relevant images, all structured for SEO, the site will never stack up to the competition. Too many still believe that search engine optimization is stacking their content with a keyword, ignoring Google’s algorithms, which require synonyms, focus words, and surrounding text that supports the keyword. In addition to SEO is the need for website optimization, which includes backlinks, internal and external links, image optimization, URL structure, redirects, XML sitemaps, and much more.

Small to medium size business owners should consider hiring a developer or website development/designer that delivers all aspects of website development and is in the business for the long haul to assist the owner build their website as they build their business, in stages. Where do you find such a service that provides website development, graphic design, hosting, and all elements of SEO at a price that fits any budget? Where do you find a company that will stand behind you as they help you grow? Look no further than CourseVector for a firm you can trust.

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