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What Is WordPress and Why You Should Use It

What is WordPress? WordPress is the leading content management system employed by more companies than any other web development software. Take a moment and check out some of the major companies using WordPress. You will be surprised!

CourseVector and WordPress Website Designs Just Go Together

95% of our websites are done in WordPress, and almost all are custom templates. As a matter of fact, we are so efficient at creating WordPress templates, that, in most instances, we can provide Custom WordPress Website Designs for little more than you would pay for a quality template.

Whether you are an experienced web designer, a beginner or somewhere in between, many business owners have found themselves questioning “Why use WordPress?”  Today there are still some small businesses that do not have a website.  However, due to the growing priority of online marketing, a business website is vital for your company to succeed.

Maybe you heard about WordPress through a colleague or friend but have some unanswered questions.  If you are asking yourself “Why WordPress”?  Or “How can WordPress help me”?  Let us explain more.

Website Design Cost Savings

When designing a website, companies that use web developers generally spend large amounts of money to get their site up and running. Whereas business owners that opt to use WordPress will find that it is entirely free to use.  This means, free to download, free to install, and free to modify.  With WordPress software, users can create any websites such as business sites or personal blogs.  There are no specifications or limitations when it comes to the type of site you need.

Quick Installation

Unlike other CMS platforms, WordPress does not require users to search for, install, configure or troubleshoot add-ons for essential functions such as comments and RSS feeds. WordPress quickly ensures users are ready to go live without a bunch of extra add-ons or time.

Continuous Support

WordPress is considered open source; this means anyone can use and modify the software to fit their individual needs.  Additionally, users are not affected by commercial restrictions.  WordPress users can use any hosting company or package of their choice. 

The WordPress software was ultimately developed by many contributors from a large community. These users typically act as beta testers or brand advocates. However, this is not a requirement.  But with this large community, comes a large support group from users around the world.

WordPress Help Is a Click Away

In addition to the WordPress’ online support group, CourseVector offers a complete WordPress Tutorial Library to help our clients manage their WordPress sites. And if more training is required, CourseVector’s live one-on-one training using your website is second to none.

Whether you are looking to get a new website design for your business or you need to give your old site a new look, we would love to help. We have affordable web design services to fit your needs and budget.

Easy to Learn

Daily, millions of people join or use WordPress for their website needs. Why WordPress? WordPress’ easy to use software and features allow for even the most inexperienced individuals to create and build a website that is visually appealing to their customers while being easy to maintain.

Easy Maintenance

Once WordPress sites are live, website owners will need to properly maintain them.  Whether you are posting new, updating old or deleted specific content WordPress makes this process simple and easy to do without knowing HTML.


Why WordPress? WordPress is extremely adaptable.  Individuals or companies that choose to use WordPress can choose from tens of thousands of WordPress themes which each can be further customized in greater detail to fit your needs.  Many of the themes are available for free however even those that are not are priced affordably.

Full Control of Customizations

WordPress can help users prevent their website from looking unoriginal, basic or cookie cutter. With WordPress’ numerous customizable options, your website will look and feel different from any other site.  WordPress options allow for users to fully customize themes, colors, fonts, menus, logos, and widgets without dealing with coding.  Under the appearance tab, WordPress users can control all customizations making your website design process easier and quicker.

WordPress Plugins

Additionally, WordPress plugins are available to customize your site further. Plugins are added software that can be installed on your site to increase the functionality.  Whether you want to include added security, a checkout system, social media integration, or improve your SEO, WordPress plugins can cover just about anything.

Media Types





Use WordPress For SEO

With Google as the default search app, the amount of traffic originated from Google search results will only continue to grow proving how important Search engine optimization (SEO) is.  WordPress is equipped with built-in SEO features and can be expanded through further plugins.

The Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress is a must-have for any site.  Search engine optimization (SEO) includes creative and technical elements that create website traffic, improve rankings and increase awareness in search engines.


Hackers have become a significant threat to the web targetting a wide variety of sites.  Whether hackers aim to steal confidential customer information or damage a website, their presences can negatively impact the reputation of a website.

With WordPress’ sizeable open source community and constant testing, WordPress has proven particularly proficient at staying a step ahead of hackers and their online threats. No platform is 100% secure, but WordPress is pretty close.

Mobile Responsiveness

With the increased use of smartphones across the world, it is imperative that your website is designed for mobile use in mind. WordPress was one of the first CMS platforms to ensure sites were ready for mobile use.

Custom HTML sites use to require a separate site for mobile devices.  However, with the use of WordPress most themes can scale automatically for cell phones or tablets ensuring your website looks great on any device.

Website Conversions

Are you currently not using WordPress? CourseVector’s affordable web design services include website conversions. Most non WordPress websites can be converted to WordPress at very minimal cost. The WordPress site looks almost identical to the original but has all the added benefits of a WordPress Content Management System. If desired, design updates during conversion are just as easy.

Moving WordPress Websites

It can be a hassle to switch host companies. Many customers are worried about transferring their website from one server to another. Will the site function properly after the move? Will any data be lost?CourseVector can help! In most instances, we can transfer a complete WordPress site from your server to ours very inexpensively.

We guarantee the transfer. You do not need to pay if we cannot make the move.

Are you ready to switch? Take advantage of CourseVecotor’s affordable website hosting and WordPress maintenance plans, our 24/7 monitoring and top-notch customer service. Contact us today for more information about moving your WordPress website.

Convert Your Website to WordPress

WordPress CMS website conversions can increase the ROI of almost any website!

Not everyone wants a new Website Design.

Perhaps you love your website’s design, but find that updates and maintenance are difficult and beyond your expertise. A WordPress CMS conversion using the WordPress content management system (CMS) will save time and money. There is a reason why WordPress powers over an estimated 33% of all websites – it is the most easy-to-use content management system (CMS) available. WordPress offers:

  • Easy updates
  • Simple edits
  • Less design time required
  • Little to no programming knowledge required
  • Time and cost savings

For more information on why a WordPress CMS conversion will work for you, check out our WordPress demo.

WordPress is not just for blogs. CourseVector’s conversion specialists can take almost any website, from any platform, and convert it to a WordPress CMS. The finished website will look almost identical to the original. Here is a recent before and after image:

Before WordPress Conversion

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After WordPress Conversion

WordPress Development -

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