WordPress Logon Procedure With Dual Authentication

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Step 1 – Enter Web Address

You were provided an Access Information Sheet, via email, containing URL’s, passwords, and the location of help files, etc. This tutorial is intended to be a supplement to that document. Please refer to the “WORDPRESS LOG IN TUTORIAL SUMMARY INFORMATION” section of the Access Information Sheet.

Anywhere you see a * followed by a number (i.e. *1) in this tutorial, substitute the information from the Access Information Sheet into this tutorial.
This image shows where to enter the URL.
Depending on caching, you will either see the Authenication screen or the WordPress login Screen.
If you see the WordPress login Screen (you see the “W” logo on your screen), then proceed to Step 3. 
If you see the Authentication Required pop up box, continue on here. 
Dual Authentication Window in Google Chrome
Your Access Information Sheet indicates that we use a dual authentication system. This is the first password required to log in to your WordPress administration panel. The above is rendered using Microsoft Edge but please note that various browsers will display this screen differently, as seen below.
This is the Internet Explorer Dual Authentication Box.

Above image: Internet Explorer Dual Auth Login

This is the Firefox Dual Authentication Box.

Above image: Firefox Dual Auth Login

This is the Microsoft Edge Dual Authentication Box.

Above image: Microsoft Edge Dual Auth Login

This is the Google Chrome Dual Authentication Box.

Above image: Google Chrome Dual Auth Login

Step 2 – Dual Authentication Login

Enter the information provided in your Access Information Sheet and press the “OK” or “Sign in” button, depending on your browser.
The password for this section is set by the networking system and cannot be changed or requested by the user. If, for some reason, you require a change to this password, or if you have trouble getting past this page, please contact support.
This picture shows where to enter your login information
Assuming the correct user and password was used during the first log in, you will now be presented with a login screen for your WordPress administration panel.
WP Admin Login Page

Step 3 – WordPress Login

Enter the requested information and press the “Log In” button. This is the second logon and will always display the WordPress logo whereas the first logon procedure will not reference WordPress in any way.
If you enter your password incorrectly three times, you will be locked out for twenty minutes. During that time, you will not have access to the website at all. Wait approximately 25 minutes and attempt to log in again.
Banned users are reported, via email, to the system administrator, and if there are a series of banned attempts, a system
administrator will take action and notify you of a potential issue.
If you need additional support, it is important to clarify which logon procedure is causing the issue.
WP Admin Login Page Credentials
Your WordPress administration panel should now be displayed. If you have any issues with the log on process, please feel free to contact support by opening a ticket.
WordPress Admin Dashboard
If you require additional WordPress log in support, we will require the step number of this tutorial on which you are stuck. Failure to provide that information when requesting WordPress log in support will result in a significant delay
and increased costs for support.

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