3 Rules When Buying A Website Design

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It can be easy to buy a template online to build a website on the cheap. However, there are times when an out-of-the-box website just won’t cut it. It is then that one must hire a custom web designer to complete their website wish-list. Here are a few things to keep in mind before getting started with your custom website design.

1. A Custom Website Is Not a Product

Buying a custom website is not like purchasing a template off of the internet. There will be back and forth between you and your designer, so be patient. Most of the time, clients have a vague idea of what they want in a website, but they aren’t entirely sure until they see something on the web. The very nature of this process makes purchasing a custom website more of a journey and less of a product purchase.

2. While a Contract May Be Necessary, a Hard Deadline is Not Always Feasible

Remember that purchasing a custom website is a process. For this reason, deadlines may not be set or met. If you purchase custom work, the designer wants to be sure that a.) you are getting what you paid for and b.) you are happy with the design. This will take time and a certain amount of back-and-forth between client and designer. Try to get a soft deadline and the bones of the project (how many pages, how much artwork, etc.) in writing. As the design moves forward, do not get too frustrated if deadlines and deliverables move slightly.

3. Don’t Always Think of Custom Website Design as a Dollar-Per-Hour Commodity

If you could put a dollar value on an hour of a designer’s or programmer’s time, you could certainly price out the cheapest person available to get the job done. However, you’ve hired a designer whom you trust to design a website that will look great, increase your leads or sales, check off your wish list, and make your life easier. At times, yes, you might have to pay an hourly rate for adjustments beyond the scope of work. However, you’re paying for expertise here. The value of your new website should not be a function of how much a designer’s time is worth.


Hiring a designer is not the only thing to worry about with a new website design. The following should be discussed prior to beginning your design project:

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