CourseVector Terms & Conditions

The purpose of this terms and conditions document is to ensure a full understanding of procedures and policies utilized by CourseVector.



Reasonable support and questions emailed to will be provided at no charge. If support charges are required CourseVector will notify the client and obtain approval prior to completing the support request.


Emergency support is available free of charge for CourseVector equipment failures. All other emergency support requests will be billed. Emergency support requests can be made at


Many of CourseVector’s hosting services include email. The email system supports most email clients such as Outlook, iPhone mail, etc. However, CourseVector technicians only provide support for Roundcube Webmail. Any support provided outside of Roundcube Webmail will be billed in 15-minute increments. CourseVector is not responsible for the maintenance of email accounts (including adding or terminating email accounts), unless specifically noted in a ticket and/or estimate.


CourseVector is not responsible for the maintenance and/or security of passwords for email, website logins, cPanel, FTP credentials, etc. Multiple requests for password support may incur charges.


Phone calls, meetings, etc., will be billed in 15-minute increments (unless specifically noted otherwise in an estimate and/or ticket). At no time will CourseVector accept instructions concerning your project or tasks via phone. Please note that phone calls, meetings, etc., will include the time it takes to document, and email requests made during the phone call to the client.


Appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled at least 2 hours in advance (although we’d appreciate 24 hours notice if possible). If the client is a no-show or has failed to send a cancellation notice at least 2 hours in advance, you will be billed for 15 minutes. Rescheduling the appointment is the responsibility of the client.


CourseVector expects clients to follow-up within 1 week. However, we understand that is not always possible. Because of this, an average amount of follow up time is built into CourseVector estimates/projects. However, follow ups may incur additional costs at the discretion of CourseVector.


If your project requires a development site and a live hosted site at the same time (such as the case with a website redesign), you have 60 days after dev site has been delivered to approve the project and go-live. After 60 days, if approval to go live with the project has not been made, and no reasonable effort or progress on the project is under way, one of the following actions will take place:

Current CV Client (or website): After the initial 60 days, CourseVector will charge $48 per year for hosting the development site. If no reasonable progress or effort on the part of the client has been made to move the project forward, the project will be closed. Any additional work to be completed on the development site (including migrating the site to a live server) will be billed hourly.

New CV Client (or website): As long as the client has paid their bill, the development site can sit for as long as needed to finish the site. Client should note that annual hosting will be charged hereafter, whether the site is live or on a development server. If no reasonable progress or effort on the part of the client has been made to move the project forward, the project will be closed after 60 days. Any additional work to be completed on the development site (including migrating the site to a live server) will be billed hourly.


CourseVector may provide advice on local, state, and national laws if requested by the client. This requested advice will be billed. However, CourseVector will not be held liable for any such advice. CourseVector suggests consulting with an attorney for a full understanding of local, state, or national laws for website/email practices. Client is responsible for any and all compliance requirements unless specifically indicated otherwise in a ticket and/or estimate by CourseVector.


All images, copy, logos, designs, etc. are property of CourseVector until payment for the items are received. Any use of CourseVector property without consent of CourseVector will result in a cease and desist letter followed by applicable legal proceedings.


Unless specifically outlined in an estimate and/or ticket, any software, plugin, product licenses needed will be provided by the client. Maintaining license renewals is the sole responsibility of the client. CourseVector is under no obligation to purchase or maintain licenses needed. CourseVector will not utilize software, plugins, or products requiring a license without approval from client.


All content, including images, logos, and copy, are to be provided by the client in an approved format (list below) unless specifically outlined in the ticket and/or estimate. All assets and content must be provided to CourseVector via the ticket or our large file transfer service: CourseVector may utilize free stock photography and/or “lorem ipsum” placeholder text if no content is provided by the client.

  • Video – MP4, WMV, MOV, FLV, AVI
  • Copy – DOC, DOCX, TXT, ODT, PDF (must not be an image)
  • Audio – MP3, WAV, WMA


All information containing passwords, secure information, etc. must be sent through CourseVector’s secure portal available at CourseVector will not be held responsible for sensitive information sent to CourseVector via the CourseVector ticketing system and/or email.


We do not provide instructions on pointing domains. Clients who elect to manage their own domain should look for support with your registrar on this. If you manage your own domain, you are responsible for pointing the main A record after go-live. If you would prefer CourseVector to manage the domain, please contact us.


Unless specifically outlined in an estimate and/or ticket, CourseVector’s payment terms are as follows: Payment is due upon receipt. Payments are considered late after 30 days and may result in website suspension, late fees, reactivation fees, and ultimately account termination.


It is the responsibility of the client to notify CourseVector of any changes in contact information. CourseVector technicians will only provide support to contacts we have on file. Failure to update contact information may result in delays in support, loss of data, account termination, loss of domain names, and more.


The terms and conditions outlined are subject to change. Changes to these terms and conditions will be announced through the CourseVector newsletter. Subscribe to the newsletter at

Last updated February 4, 2021

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CourseVector Terms & Conditions
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