4 SEO Considerations When Rebranding A Business

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(or switching domains)

Sometimes, rebranding or changing domain names is part of business growth. However, there are some things to consider before starting the switch to ensure the continuity of your brand.

4 SEO Considerations When Rebranding A Business -

1. By placing hints of your new brand throughout your current website, your audience will become accustomed to seeing it. This subtle trick will make customers more comfortable with your new brand when you finally make the switch.

2. If possible, maintain the structure of your old site. Whenever it’s time to switch domains, you can just do a search & replace for the old / new domains. Redirects are going to be incredibly important here too. Be sure to set up redirects from your old site’s pages to the corresponding new domain pages. This will help maintain continuity while people (and search engines) get used to the new domain. Create a new site map once the new domain is live, and update Google Search Console with your new information.

3. If people are using your website as a resource, it is important to maintain that resource (if relevant) while you’re rebranding. This might mean keeping the old branding on support pages. It might also mean keeping a landing page at the old domain that explains the rebrand with links to your new resources.

4. Don’t sit around and wait for organic SEO to happen with the new domain. Hit the ground running by exploring new backlink opportunities while asking old partners to update backlinks to your previous domain. Start organic SEO practices as soon as possible, making sure that your new brand pages are optimized for key search terms with strong calls-to-action peppered throughout the site.

Bonus Tip: Don’t get rid of your old domain. Abandoned domain names have been targeted by cybercriminals who use them to set up fake e-commerce sites, email campaigns, and more to extort information and/or money from unsuspecting users.

If you’re rebranding your business, you may need to refile as an LLC or corporation. If so, Inc Authoring may be able to help you to navigate the legal and financial waters of rebranding your business.

Rebranding can be necessary with growth. It can be difficult, and it should not be rushed. Overlooking SEO strategies, having an unclear vision, poor planning, lack of testing, and slow responses to bug fixes can make rebranding a nightmare. Plan ahead, test your changes, fix any issues quickly, and be patient. 

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4 SEO Considerations When Rebranding A Business -
4 SEO Considerations When Rebranding A Business -
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