7 Reasons You Need an Explainer Video

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In case you aren’t exactly sure how an explainer video works or even what it is, an explainer video is a concise summary of what your product or service is and how it can benefit your clients or customers. It can be a demonstration, technical in nature, instructional, or a showcase. The length is usually 90 seconds or less, and the pacing should be very natural, no cramming or overloading of info or stipulations. The whole idea behind an explainer video is to help the viewer understand your concept and remember it. This method of communicating with your audience has been proven to be highly effective at increasing the conversion of those who viewed it.

Why an Explainer Video Actually Works

How much of what you hear do you vividly remember compared to what you see? ‘Show don’t tell’ holds very true in the world of marketing. In fact, multiple studies have shown that explainer videos increase conversion rate by an average of approximately 30%. That’s much more than enough to justify having a video made for your product or service.

The massive increase in conversion rate is not only due to the fact that you are animating what you do for your audience to actually see and understand more easily. The fact that explainer videos keep site visitors on your page for longer means that they have that much more time to take in the information you want to present them with.

Boost SEO by Increasing Average View Time

Research done by Nielsen Norman Group estimates that the average website visitor only stays for 10-20 seconds. If your highly engaging, animated explainer video has a run time of a minute and a half, your chances of retaining that visitor for much longer than 10-20 seconds are very, very good. And, as you may already know, Google favors websites that have a higher average visit time. This means your website can potentially rank better in search engines, garnering your product or service even more attention in addition to what would already be expected from a convincing explainer video.

Deliver Your Value Proposition Right Off the Bat

Explainer videos effectively state your value proposition without wasting any time and risking the loss of that visitor. It’s crucial to let your potential clients or customers know what you can do for them before they lose interest and move on to something else. An explainer video is the best way to deliver any message to your webpage visitors as clearly and completely as possible in a short amount of time.

Clarify What Exactly it is That You Do

If your product or service may be somewhat unfamiliar, complicated, or unusual to some people, then it is definitely a good idea to show and explain to them how your business works and how they can use what you are offering. For new concepts, it’s important to make the how and why as simple to digest as possible. Text is not always the best way to describe what you do because parts of it can still be misinterpreted. With a video that demonstrates what you do in the simplest terms possible, no one will misunderstand how your business works and how you stand apart from the rest.

Make Your Sales Pitch Fun and Entertaining

One effective way to engage your audience is to entertain them. Animated explainer videos are often entertaining and fun to watch. They’re a pleasure to have on your website. The fact that your viewer was entertained will help them think more fondly of your offerings than they may already have. Videos also add character to not only your webpage but your entire brand for those who view them. Explainer videos are a relatively uncommon method of delivering ideas, and your viewers will appreciate it.

Videos are Easy to Share on Social Media

Explainer videos are much more likely to get shared on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram than a link to an article. And on social media sites, content plays automatically as a viewer scrolls over it. That makes your video more likely to get watched, ultimately resulting in sales. You can expect more views as well when compared to a shared article. How many times have you heard of an article going viral? Exactly.

A Proven Way to Create a Buzz and Boost Sales

Large corporations like Google, Apple, Dove, and Old Spice often use explainer videos. DropBox exploded due to a simple but well-made explainer video along with many others after them. Dropbox went from a humble startup to having over 100 million active users in under five years. Their campaign consisted of a sole animated explainer video with a button below it to download the app. That’s it. The process is proven to work through the successes of countless other businesses and an overwhelming amount of research-based evidence.

Try an Explainer Video for Your Business

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