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Air Force Veteran

“I come from a family of service members, from my father who held did 20 years as a USAF officer to my grandfather who was a merchant marine in WWII. I had aspired to do 20 years as an officer like my father before me. Unfortunately, without a Bachelors of Science degree, a commission is hard to come by. I eventually enlisted as a GeoSpatial Analyst and was stationed in Virginia Beach. While the schedule was very different than what I was accustomed to (13hrs on and 11hr off and switching from night shift to day shift every six weeks), I believed in what I was doing and enjoyed the experience. The schedule made family life difficult, so I was relieved to get an office position in the last year or so of my enlistment. While I still aspired to become an officer, the cards did not seem in my favor. I eventually got out after my four years were up and returned to PA to work at CourseVector. While my time in the USAF was stressful and tiring, nothing worthwhile is ever easy.”

– Gabriel


Air Force Spouse

“When Gabriel was in the military, we were trying to sell our house in PA. He left for basic training. I stayed home with a 2-year-old son. While prepping to sell, I broke my foot. I was a single parent trying to keep my house showroom ready with a 2-year-old boy and a broken foot. This is the way it always goes. When your service member leaves, everything falls apart, breaks, gets rescheduled – you name it. (We went through an earthquake and a hurricane while he was TDY!) When we got to our duty station, he worked a very different shift – 12-on, 12-off. I realize that many people work this shift, but it was an adjustment for us. God bless all our police, firefighters, and other first responders (and their families) who work consistently long and ever-changing hours. You are appreciated!

Gabe and I worked for the military for the first part of our professional lives. His enlistment solidified our core values – service before self. Hard work, dedication, and teamwork carried our family through our time in the military, and it is how we choose to operate our business.”

– Jennifer


Air Force Veteran

veteran operated - joshua

“I joined the United States Air Force in 2008 fresh out of high school with hopes on turning my enlisted job as an Air Traffic Controller into a career. The technical training involved to become a certified Air Traffic Controller was one of the most mentally demanding things I have ever done. However, I beat the 70% failure rate odds and graduated top 3 in my class. I was stationed at Dover AFB in Delaware for most of my enlistment and was deployed once to the desert where I served in Operation Enduring Freedom for six months. I was honorably discharged in 2013 after a 5-year enlistment after deciding that Air Traffic Control was not a career that I enjoyed.

I look back at my military experience and am grateful for the opportunities it has presented me. Although I did not turn into the career, my high school self-envisioned I was able to use my GI Bill to attend school after I separated. Though I completely switched career paths, I still carry the skillset from my enlistment that has proven vital to my position here at Course Vector such as my attention to detail, multi-tasking, management, and leadership expertise.”

– Joshua


Employment Opportunities

We know it’s tough for military spouses to move from place to place so often. These moves can make holding down a job seem impossible. CourseVector employs military spouses for our part-time remote positions. Feel free to contact us to see which positions are available.

veteran owned and operated

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