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That pay-per-click advertising campaign may be costing you more than you think, especially if it targets mobile internet users. At this year’s developer’s conference, Apple announced a tool for developers that supports Safari ad blocking extensions. Much like you can download ad blockers for your Mac, you may soon be able to find ad blockers for your iOS.

The Good News

Ads can use up data that could be spent on other things, like checking email (or Facebook) and streaming media. Additionally, pages will load faster. Not to mention, Apple can now target their users with their own ads, increasing their advertising profits (bad news for users / good news for Apple).

The Bad News

While this means fewer ads and an improved user experience, it also means less revenue for advertisers.
With Google being the default search engine on iOS, they stand to lose a lot of revenue from lost ad viewership. The same holds true for those who use Google AdWords as their pay-per-click advertising method of choice. Not to mention, other popular companies that collect user data, sell it to advertisers, and target ads to user interests and search histories. These companies and their advertisers will lose ad revenue.

For advertisers who wish to continue to advertise on the iOS, they must pay Apple specifically to advertise on just one device. This cost is added to what companies are already paying for Google AdWords and other Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

This decline in visible ads is a reminder of how important a roll organic SEO plays in online marketing. Organic SEO, if done correctly, offers:

  • a steady increase in new content
  • a steady increase in new visitors
  • a steady increase in repeat visitors
  • decreased bounce rates

Pay-per-click campaigns have their place. They can be a viable option to increase sales. However, they should not be used in place of organic SEO and traditional marketing methods. Not sure how your website ranks? Many companies offer a free SEO analysis. To maximize marketing dollars, consider adding an organic search engine optimization campaign to your current pay-per-click efforts.

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