Cyber Safe Work Security Awareness Poster February 2021

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Cyber Security Poster

February 2021 cyber security poster

Cyber Safe Work Security Awareness February 2021 Poster Downloadable PDF

Passwords are required for much of the internet. Do you use secure passwords? We’ve created a brief quiz to help determine your password security score.

  1. Social Media “name games” are a ploy for hackers to get personal information you might use in a password.
  2. Using information that is readily available, like your street address, makes it easier for hackers to guess your password.
  3. Using upper and lowercase letters is important. Throw in some numbers and special characters, and you’ve likely increased your password security.
  4. Passwords that include harder-to-guess characters, like numbers, can be more secure that those that are just letters.
  5. Passwords that include harder-to-guess characters, like symbols, can be more secure than those that are just letters.
  6. If you use one password for several applications, and one of those applications is hacked, all of the applications become more vulnerable. Use different passwords for each application.
  7. Two-factor authentication isn’t always available. However, it does provide an extra layer of protection and should be used when available.

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