Cyber Safe Work Security Awareness Poster June 2021

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Cyber Security Poster

June cyber security poster

Cyber Safe Work Security Awareness June 2021 Poster Downloadable PDF

Have you received an email to you from you? This is just a scare-tactic email. It’s very easy to create the illusion that an email is being sent to or from any address. An email is just a text file as it’s root, and you can write whatever you want in those headers with the right program. It makes it very easy to create shock for people that don’t understand how the email system works.

Email impersonation scams are a quick and easy way for scammers to con users into all sorts of things – from gaining access to their computer for ransom to sharing passwords. Don’t click links, reply, or give any personal information or passwords if you receive one of these emails. It’s a scam. Just delete it.

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