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Don’t let your Future be determined by Past emails!

Municipalities and others that may have a requirement for email archiving or those concerned about requirements in the wake of the Clinton email debacle now have an answer to this sensitive issue.

CourseVector’s servers have the ability to archive sent and received messages. This function has been disabled by default on our servers to preserve space, but can be turned on with a simple request and that added benefit will happen with no additional cost* to our clients.

A little background on the Clinton email question

Hillary Clinton not only used a private email address during her tenure as Secretary of State, but housed those emails on a private server as well, which gave her significantly more control over those emails than federal guidelines contained in the FOIA allow. Granted, State Department guidance while she was Secretary of State outline that private emails could be used as long as there was no classified information within the emails and they be maintained for public record; however, the State Department warned against using private emails.

Many question how secure her emails were and whether or not she may have inadvertently compromised classified information; was encryption used? Her reasoning was that she didn’t want to have to carry around two phones.

In the wake of Benghazi in 2012, questions have been raised regarding what was the Secretary’s response, if any, to those incidents. She has since released 55,000 pages of email, but there have been rumors of missing dates particularly during that period in 2012. She claims she didn’t use email much during that period and spoke to those she supervised mostly by phone.

Is there precedence to using private email?

Actually Jeb Bush employed the same strategy as Governor of Florida, utilizing a private server for emails, even though he later released the archived emails to the public, forgetting to delete private resident’s social security numbers. In fact, a large number of candidates for the Presidential office in 2016 use private emails to conduct government business. Most of those are Congressmen or women and Congress exempted themselves from open and public records laws.

A simple solution to avoid questions

To avoid questions of impropriety and preserve the public trust, contact one of our technicians today to discuss email storage options.

*Each client is given a set amount of storage space on their server. If a client is in danger of breaching the limit, CourseVector will contact the client to discuss increased storage options.

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