Fake Facebook Reviews Cannot Be Removed

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Every business owner knows how utterly essential a respectable rating is on any platform, not just for Facebook reviews. Whether you are doing business on Amazon, or you have a local shop that’s been in business for decades, having positive feedback from customers is a must. Permanent negative feedback can ultimately spell doom for small businesses. With this in mind, the subject of this article is particularly unsettling.

Fake Facebook Reviews Are Ruining Small Business’ Reputations

Facebook is undeniably one of the most influential online platforms for businesses. Many Facebook users pay close attention to the ratings of a business before deciding whether to visit their location, or order their product or service online—whether they know it or not. As you glaze over a business’ Facebook page looking for their address, hours of operation, or whatever information you may need, a 4.6 rating for example might go completely unnoticed. But a 2 star rating for example undoubtedly will, because it is way out of the ordinary.

Positive Feedback is Absolutely Vital

Consumers are so use to seeing positive feedback that it has actually become the norm, and for many shoppers, a bare requirement. Poor feedback or even slightly below average feedback can be detrimental to a business of any kind. Regardless of the product or service your business offers, your Facebook reputation is at risk at this very moment.

Facebook Does NOT Protect Small Businesses from Negative Fake Facebook Reviews

Facebook is letting small businesses down as you read this by allowing completely false spam ratings to destroy the average feedback score of innocent businesses and undermine their prominence. That means that any spammer or even a competitor can create a Facebook profile, log in, leave your business a one star rating without any explanation; and it will stay there PERMANENTLY. If the one star rating includes a comment and is suspected to be spam, Facebook will remove it. If the rating isn’t accompanied by a comment, it will stay there no matter what.

Wake Up Facebook, You Need to Fix this Problem ASAP

Numerous businesses, bloggers, and members of the online business community have reached out to Facebook on the matter to no avail. This is a total failure by Facebook to recognize their responsibility for this issue. Their utter lack of consideration for those who are affected by negative spam on their website is nothing short of betrayal. In this day and age, having a presence on Facebook is crucial to staying in contention with competitors in any industry. Thanks to Facebook’s unjustified neglect to solve the problem of spam reviews, we are all at the mercy of chance.

What Can You Do to Protect Yourself from Fake Facebook Reviews?

Considering the seriousness of this issue, you need to be extremely careful when promoting your product on Facebook. You could be the victim of a smear campaign, and unfortunately, there is no recourse at this time. However, it is important to be aware of the risks when using Facebook for your business. Hopefully soon enough Facebook will remedy this enormous problem that should never have gotten to the point it’s at right now.

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