Giving the World Hope in Uncertainty

Author: Jennifer | Date: March 24, 2020 | Categories: ,

Website aims to provide hope and respite during these troubling and uncertain times

About 6 months ago, God laid a phrase on the heart of Alex Rompilla, founder of Cyber Ministries – “Give The World Hope.” Rompilla launched a website: to share hope and remind people of the good things in life. While in its infancy, the vision is a place where people can share their good things.

“If anybody has a vehicle they restored, some type of craft they finished, sermons on hope, anything you want to share that may give somebody else hope or even a brief smile, please email me and I put it on the site,” says Rompilla.

Giving the World Hope in Uncertainty - is a subsidiary of based in Saint Marys, Ohio. Cyber Ministries provides business and technology solutions through relationship building and over 20 years of experience in various production environments, including but not limited to petroleum and natural gas movement and storage, automotive and fork-lift manufacturing, pet food manufacturing and medical device manufacturing.

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