Intel Hardware Flaw Latest News About Spectre and Meltdown

The Issue
There is a hardware flaw in Intel processors leading to serious security issues. Intel CPUs could let attackers exploit security weaknesses and access security keys, passwords, and files cached from a disk. As this is a hardware issue, it is very difficult to correct. The flaw affects all operating systems and all devices using Intel chips. Major vendors are pushing emergency patches to try and avoid security issues. Unfortunately, these patches are a knee-jerk reaction and are causing issues with a lot of devices.

Latest Information on Spectre and Meltdown
01/23/18 Intel tells users to stop deploying buggy Spectre patch, citing technical issues
01/22/18 Problem in patches for Spectre, Meltdown extends to newer chips
01/16/18 Spectre and Meltdown Patches Causing Trouble
01/08/18 Anti Virus May Interfere with Patch
01/13/18 Patch Destroying Some AMD Computers
01/08/18 What is Being Done?
01/05/18 UC-CERT Information on Issue Severe Intel security issue may impact all Macs and Windows PCs
01/05/18 What you need to do about newly discovered computer chip flaws
01/05/18 A critical flaw breaks basic security

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