Is Your SEO Company Counting Bots?

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In today’s tech world, bots are everywhere! What exactly is a “bot”? A bot is an automated program designed to run tasks throughout the internet way faster than a human ever could; examples can include malicious bots and web crawlers.  It was recently reported that approximately 20% of all web traffic comes from bad bots. Shockingly, about 73% of those bad bots can be classified as advanced persistent bots that hit websites and look like legitimate visitors. Bots are not actual visitors to a website and have no chance of ever becoming a lead or a sale! This can leave SEO clients with the question, “Is your SEO company counting bots?”  Some less-than-moral SEO companies count bot traffic to inflate your SEO results and prove (misrepresent) their efforts. 

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Here at CourseVector, we do not believe in these unethical practices.  CourseVector’s SEO technicians do not take advantage of increased bot traffic.  To ensure our clients receive the most accurate information regarding their websites’ SEO efforts, our technicians attempt to remove bots from all traffic reports.  By removing bot traffic from these reports, clients can see the actual progress of their site instead of inflated numbers. It is our goal and priority to increasing website traffic with wholesome organic SEO.  We obtain organic traffic by utilizing relevant keywords and content and arranging it in a technical manner which allows search engines to deem the pages as important. For more information on our SEO services or to get started,  contact CourseVector’s team today.    

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