Making the Most of Your Contract Time

Author: Mike | Date: October 1, 2020 | Categories: ,

Time for an upgrade

Did you know that a website redesign can be part of your existing PSAB contract? That’s right! Many boroughs can do a complete redesign within their yearly budget. If your borough site feels stale, shoot us an email to discuss the options for redesign.

Updating your content

If you have contract time with CourseVector or PSAB, please remember that time for website changes is billed in 15 minute increments. Therefore, if you submit 4 changes, 1 hour apart, you will be charged for 1 hour of time. In most cases, if you submit all four changes on the same request, you will only be billed 15 minutes.

The reason for this is that our technicians are very fast with updates and changes, so it takes them longer to log in, log out and document than it does to actually make the changes.

Be efficient and get the most out of your contract time by consolidating as many changes as possible in one single request.

Need more time

PSAB offers block time at a deeply discounted rate.

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