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Author: Jennifer | Date: July 19, 2020 | Categories: ,

CourseVector is going to stop email forwarding from our servers in July. This means that clients will not be able to forward all of their email to a personal email address. To understand the issue, it is first necessary to understand that many people use the same server to send and receive email. Primary email providers like Google, Cox, Yahoo, etc. either reject bulk forwarded email, or negatively impact the reputation of the server.

Here’s what happens: A few clients forward all of their mail (AND spam) to a personal address., or Google or Yahoo, sees this as “malicious” and therefore takes action against the whole server. The entire server (and everyone sending email from this server) gets blocked. The Hotmail server then automatically blocks any and all emails coming from this server, whether or not the email address domain matches the one using the forward.

While this may be an inconvenience to some, many dedicated email providers are moving this direction since there is no way around it. The only “solution” moving forward is for clients to purchase a dedicated IP and coordinate with us to move their account. This doesn’t fix the problem, but segregates any negative impact from the rest of the clients.

If you are currently forward your CourseVector-hosted email to a personal address, please contact us ASAP to work on switching to a dedicated IP, or to discuss a different way to download your email from the server.

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