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Common Values and Complementary Strengths

The Basis for Effective Professional Collaborations

Website design firms are not exempt from Murphy’s law. It seems the minute you hit the road for that much-needed vacation, clients decide it’s the perfect time to need updates, new websites, or worse yet, emergency support! Instead of enjoying the R&R you planned on, you are stuck in a hotel business center or coffee shop on your phone or laptop trying to keep your business afloat. Such is life for the independent designer – until now.

Larry Zevon’s story is a little bit different. Zevon Media, a Rhode Island-based design firm, has earned a solid reputation for designing websites that deliver aesthetic beauty while maintaining functionality for both the site owner and the user alike. He started off by designing and hosting his clients’ websites. But as the business grew, it became too much for him to give enough attention to his design clients and maintain his work-life balance. Rather than calling it quits, a resourceful Zevon found a partner.

When looking for someone to host his clients, Zevon needed personalized support and secure hosting options. Enter CourseVector. Through strategic partnership, the companies have been able to leverage the strengths of the other to produce better quality WordPress websites and results for clients. The pairing of Zevon’s talents for building and designing websites with CourseVector’s knowledge and experience in hosting and security wasn’t a mere marriage of convenience, but rather a union of equals wherein each enterprise complements and enhances the efficiencies of the other.

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The combination of Larry’s design sensibility with his comprehensive knowledge of WordPress has allowed his company to consistently produce good-looking, functional websites designed for seamless performance between mobile platforms and traditional browsers. Since its founding in 2006, a steady flow of referrals from satisfied clients and positive word-of-mouth press has yielded consistent growth for Zevon Media, providing Larry with clients throughout the United States and Europe.

Like Zevon Media, CourseVector has emphasized industry knowledge, transparency, reliability, and customer care as core values integral to the mission of its business. Their partnership allows Zevon Media to focus on website design and development; CourseVector’s strength and experience in hosting and security has made it a natural counterpoint and obvious collaborator with Zevon. Larry points out that “teaming with CourseVector to handle the backend requirements of my clients’ websites has freed me to focus on what I do best: website design and development.”

Having a trustworthy, competent, and likeminded partner in CourseVector to manage website essentials such as hosting, maintenance, updates, backups, and security has proven indispensable for both Zevon and his clients. Their partnership has also afforded him the time to volunteer as coach for a local youth sports team. This type of partnership would benefit the freelance web designer, graphic designer, and small design shop alike.

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Connecting with partners that put clients first with competence and professionalism is no small request. However, the success of the ZevonMedia/CourseVector partnership illustrates the possibilities. Word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients is cited as a top source for the companies’ collaborative success. CourseVector is proud to partner with like-minded businesses to offer technical expertise and secure hosting platforms to individuals and design firms across all industries.

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