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PHP is the open source programming language used by WordPress. Like most everything else online, it is constantly evolving. Previous versions of PHP (5.6 and 7.0) have reached “end of life” status. This means they are no longer being supported with updates and thus are no longer secure. It’s time to upgrade to PHP version 7.2.

Improve performance and security

Because PHP is open source, it is a fluid project. Its developers are constantly making adjustments and improvements to make your website run faster and more securely.

Upgrading to PHP 7.2 means:

  • A faster site.
  • A more secure site.
  • A more efficient site.
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How to upgrade to PHP 7.2

CourseVector can help you make the switch to PHP 7.2. Not all transitions are smooth ones. We take care of site backups, the manual switch, and checking the site to make sure there are no obvious errors or issues related to the upgrade.

You could also make the switch yourself by logging into cPanel and selecting the appropriate PHP version. As with any changes made to your website, it is a good idea to make a backup of the site first. Next, check the site for obviously errors or issues. Do an audit of website plugins as well to ensure that they are all compatible with PHP version 7.2.

What to do with incompatible plugins

Not all plugins are compatible with this version of PHP. You have a few options if you run into a plugin that is no longer useable.

  1. If the plugin is not essential to the site, you could simply get rid of it. Streamlining plugins can have the added benefit of improved site speed!
  2. If you rely on the plugin for essential website functions, you could search for a similar plugin that is compatible with the latest version of PHP.
  3. You can wait until a compatible version of the plugin is released.

PHP 7.1 will no longer receive security update as of the end of 2019. It is important to take action now to keep your website fast and reliable. Contact CourseVector today if you would like us to handle the upgrade for you.

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