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Live WordPress Training in your Home or Office

Have you ever thought, “If only I could get someone to sit down and walk me through some of these things on my website? I think it would work better.”

CourseVector is doing exactly that!

In a bold new move CourseVector, one of the leading technology innovators in the northeastern United States, is offering live one-on-one, on-screen WordPress training.

WordPress Training

There are few books or sites that currently provide that type of innovation or information. Some would argue there is YouTube, but how many fruitless videos do you have to sit through before you stumble upon the right one that covers what you needed to know an hour ago? Additionally, getting answers will require leaving a comment and waiting for a response, if anyone ever does respond to your query!

What CourseVector is implementing is not a PodCast, or Video Tutorial, but live person-to-person training that will provide the advice and guidance needed from basic information for the not so sophisticated computer user, to the complex issues encountered by cultured computer users. Additionally, what is probably the easiest selling point of this training is the ability to get answers to questions right away, no waiting for a response to comments, and no searching. A personal trainer will show you step-by-step everything you need to know and answer question before proceeding.

wordpress training

Some of the areas CourseVector will cover during the WordPress training session include:

Logging onto WordPress

Editing pages/posts using Gutenberg

Creating photo galleries

Editing your navigation menu

Adding/editing posts

Adding/editing pages

Styling your posts/pages

Adding/removing/configuring plugins

Creating/managing tables

Working with WordPress widgets

Posting media (images, videos, audio files, etc)

Adding/deleting WordPress users

Small business owners everywhere are shackled to websites necessary for their business, but unresponsive to their needs. Having a website capable of providing inbound traffic is a necessity for a small business. Statistical data shows that 80 percent of all internet sales started with a consumer keyboarding a search requirement. When your website isn’t performing optimally it becomes a wasted resource. Sit down with one of our instructors and make a commitment to your business.

For a minimum one hour investment, our instructors will put you in the driver’s seat and assist you in keeping your website in the top five percent of relevant websites. There is simply no better return on investment than having the knowledge and ability to do the little things to maintain your website at peak performance.

To sign up for WordPress training, simply fill out the training request form below with the required information to be demonstrated, and stand-by for a call from our support personnel. Our instructor will use a screen sharing program that the client will just need to click on so that both parties will be looking at the website that needs work. No Skype account or additional training will be required to accept our live WordPress training. CourseVector will also record your training session for you to reference at a later date.

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