Ransomware Decrypt and Information

Author: Mike | Date: April 5, 2017 | Categories:

One of the most searched terms for ransomware is ransomware decrypt. There are several sites offering information on decrypting ransomware, but the one that seems to be the most supported is No More Ransom!. This site posts the latest decryption information, however, even with that, a majority of ransomware is unable to be decrypted. Paying the ransom is never the best solution but may be the only alternative in certain situations. Good security software can help and CourseVector uses and recommends Malwarebytes.

Of course the best defense against ransomware is backups. But, beware, backups should never be visible to your network. Backup software should be used that can log in to a NAS or backup device, through an IP address and no computers on the network should be allowed to share that device address. In this way, a ransomware outbreak cannot encrypt backups because there are no shares or links on the network.

We will update this post when and as more “good” information is available for the mitigation and correct of ransomware. If you have any questions concerning security or backups, feel free to contact us.

Read more about No More Ransom!

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