SEO Strategies That Do Not Work

SEO Strategies

SEO Strategies vary depending upon who you are talking to; however, there are some things that most legitimate SEO professionals agree on. We found a great article called 4 Dumb SEO Tactics That Will Get Your Site Penalized on Entrepreneur that we completely agree with. Many potential clients want a “quick fix” and see link building as the ultimate in SEO tactics. Unfortunately, that is a great way to get a website penalized by search engines. The article provides the following 4 tips:

  • Acquiring links to your home page will not necessarily help your site rank higher.
  • Links provided by an SEO company, in which the SEO company owns the sites providing those links, will usually not produce results.
  • Links from sites that have been penalized can lead to penalties for your site.
  • Purchasing links is never a good idea.

For more information concerning each of these potential issues, check out 4 Dumb SEO Tactics That Will Get Your Site Penalized.

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