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Are you having SEO trouble? You are not alone, many small business owners are in the same boat as you. Below are a few reasons why your SEO campaign is not performing how you would expect.

4 Reasons You May Be Experiencing SEO Trouble

1. Backlinks

The first reason for your SEO trouble may lie within your backlinking strategy. While backlinks are an important part of SEO, linking to high DA sites does not necessarily get you a boost in the SERPs. There are plenty of SEO companies who will purchase links to high domain authority (DA) sites. While this may give you a small increase in the short term, it will have no meaningful impact on your overall SEO.

This doesn’t mean that you should stop working to form meaningful relationships with like-minded or complimentary web sites. Links to your site from other sites, especially if those sites get a lot of traffic, can increase traffic to your site.

An even shadier tactic is when companies reach out to websites who do link to other sites and pay them to link to a different site instead. Let’s say CourseVector has a partnership with Rock Your Month. Rock Your Month links back to CourseVector’s site. But, GoDaddy contacts Rock Your Month and offers to pay them to make the CV link to go GoDaddy instead! (We at CourseVector have no doubt that GoDaddy does not use these dishonest tactics. Nor does Rock Your Month! This is purely for example’s sake.)

CourseVector gets emails from writers daily offering to write blog posts for us. While there are plenty of writers who do legitimate work (we work with some), this becomes a scam when the writer embeds a link to a website that is unrelated to CourseVector. Remember we talked about “selling links” in the previous paragraph. This is another way for people to sell links. The writer sold that link, and your article just financed their endeavors.

Any sort of link selling can upset Google’s algorithm. It is best to do the work on your own, network on your own, or hire a publicist or SEO specialist to do the work for you. Do not buy links. Do not trust companies who insist that linking to high DA sites will boost your SEO.

2. Choosing the Wrong Keywords

Keyword choice can be a tough prospect. A lot goes into proper keyword research and which to choose to rank for. On one hand, you want to target keywords that are competitive in your industry. On the other hand, if you choose keywords for your SEO campaign that have too much competition your efforts may fall flat. You will need to balance professional keyword research, budget, time, and effort to make your SEO campaigns worth while.

Also, with keywords you have to make sure they are bringing in your target market as well. Partnering with an SEO specialist can help you to determine which keywords are worth the money and effort, and which keywords will yield the most leads. The goal of SEO, after all, is increased leads not just increased site traffic.

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3. Playing the Google Game

If you are running an organic SEO campaign for your website that isn’t quite panning out the way you’d hoped, make sure that you are registered with Google. Having a Google My Business account can really improve rankings, especially local rankings. Not only does Google My Business improve rankings for your website, but it is also a wonderful, helpful resource for leads, reoccurring customers, and anyone else needing to know about your business. Also, past customers and clients can leave you reviews – showing future buyers how great your product / business is.

Google has many tools that can benefit your websites SEO rankings. Google Search Console, Google Adwords, Google My Map are some other tools that you should be familiar with if you are working your own SEO campaign. Google’s tools are robust. There is a lot to understand. This is why we recommend an SEO specialist.

Something else to note is that websites don’t “expire” from SERPs. If a company calls you claiming that your Google listing is going to expire, it’s a scam.

4. Trusting Unsolicited Emails about SEO Ranking

Sales tactics begin to turn sour when companies become desperate for new clients. A lot of the time, these companies will turn to spammy, untrusting emails to reel you into doing business with them. The important lesson here is to watch out for these untrusting companies.

It is never a good idea to trust an unsolicited email about SEO rankings. These emails are often auto-generated and have little to no merit. The companies sending the emails are banking on your panic that your website is not performing as well as you think or they say it should. We recommend skipping companies that send emails referencing “keywords” or “technical issues” – whether in reference to their over-performing website or your under-performing website.

It can be difficult to vet an SEO company that you found online. But, knowing and trusting your vendors is extremely important. CourseVector strives to provide organic SEO services for companies with any budget. We do legitimate work for those with smaller budgets, just at a realistic pace. If a company promises big results for very little money in a short amount of time, that is a red flag.

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A few great ways to find out if a company deserves your trust:
  • Check reviews on Google, or on Facebook
  • Read testimonials, or get references from past clients
  • Get on a call with a real person, rather than just through email
  • Keep in mind the red flags
  • Check out portfolios, or case studies

SEO is a compilation of work from a variety of disciplines. It combines technical expertise with good copy writing with smart networking. Partnering with a well-rounded company that you trust is the best way to get good and long-lasting SEO bang for your buck. In the end, SEO should be about increased traffic that results in increased leads.

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