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4 Reasons Why Your Site Is Not Ranking In Search

Site Not Ranking? -

Blocking Access by Search Engines:
WordPress files and settings can affect rankings.  Files like htaccess, robots.txt and redirection, if not present, can seriously impact overall ranking.  If they are present but contain invalid inforamation or are not formatted correctly, serious issues can occur with Google and other search engines.  CourceVector offers a Free SEO Evaluation, done by certified SEO specialists, that can help you identify issues with your website that may be affecting page ranking.

Site Not Optimized for Mobile:
62% of Internet users access website on a mobile device.  In some cases, a website that is not responsive can actually get ignored by search engines.  A responsive website will change size and layout, automatically, according to the dimensions of the device being used by the visitor.  Google will usually consider a site optimally responsive when it complies with the AMP specifications.

Site is Too Slow:
A 1 second delay can decrease page views by 11%.  If that 11% is where most of your conversions are coming from, then marketing dollars are not being optimized.  There are many ways to improve the speed of a website, but the ultimate goal should be to deliver pages in less than 3 seconds.  Third party tools like WebPageTest can be used to verify web page speed.

Content Too Optimized:
Over optimization can reduce search engine ranking.  Content that uses keyword stuff, duplicate content, spammy backlinks, keyword lists as image anchor text, etc., can result in significant SEO penalties.  In most cases, using cheap content writing services that employ these types of tactics, will almost always result in large costs down the road.  The old adage “You get what you pay for” definitely applies in this instance.

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