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Everything thinks about visuals when designing a website, but it is essential to think about site structure from the beginning of your web design project!  Making good structural decisions throughout the development process will not only result in an effective SEO strategy but will also provide a more seamless and professional website for your audience.

User-Friendly Site Structure

Think of your website structure as a map to your content. A user-friendly site structure is a must because your beautiful website is useless if guests cannot find what they are looking for. Ensure users will be able to find information quickly and easily by making site structure a priority during the web design process. Whether you have ten pages, hundreds or even thousands, organizing your pages will ensure users can find and obtain the information they are searching for without wasting their valuable time.

User-Friendly Site Structure Tips:

Do not over optimize, as this could affect user experience.

The audience must be able to understand the information provided.

Create quick and efficient site navigation.


Site Structure is like a map of your content

Site Structure for Search Engines

A search engine web crawler is an automated program that uses specific algorithms to index content found throughout the internet. Once web crawlers have crawled your website pages, they will be indexed and finally shown in search result pages for relevant inquiries.  Good site structure will ultimately help with this process.  Organized pages and information will allow for Google, and other search engines, to understand the information on your website more easily.  This increases your website’s relevancy and improves your keyword rankings.

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With good site structure and content, websites will typically experience a good click-through rate and lower bounce rates while maximizing the time users spend on the website. Contact CourseVector today and let our web designers and SEO technicians help you in developing a structurally solid site that will meet both user and search engine requirements.  

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