Switching Hosts Can Make Your Site Faster

Date: February 12, 2020 | Categories: ,

If your website is not getting the results you were hoping for, it might be your host. Switching hosts for your WordPress website may increase your site speed, which can help your site’s position in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

It is not enough to switch to a host’s basic WordPress hosting package. This will mearly give your site a place to live. CourseVector’s managed hosting plan includes select plugins and maintenance that help a site’s speed dramatically.

Managed WordPress Hosting – By The Numbers

Take a look at the speed report for two websites that recently switched from “host A” to CourseVector’s managed hosting. In the first sample, the site took a full 5 seconds to load. Switching to CourseVector made the site 147% faster. 

Site A – Before CV Hosting

Site took 5 seconds to load before CV hosting

Site A – After CV Hosting

Site A took 3.4 seconds to load after switching to CV servers

Here is another example of how switching to CourseVector’s Managed WordPress Hosting can improve site speed. With their old host, “site B” took 3.3 seconds to load, which isn’t bad. But, once they switched to our managed hosting plan, their site speed dropped to a whopping 1.4 seconds!

Site B – Before CV Hosting

Site B took 3.3 seconds to load with their old host

Site B – After CV Hosting

Site B took 1.4 seconds to load with CV managed WordPress hosting

NOTE: This comparison was just a server to server, apples to apples, review. Other rating factors can usually be upgraded to A or A+ with CourseVector’s basic SEO package.

CourseVector’s Managed Hosting Benefits

So, what makes the difference between their servers and ours. It is a combination of our expert team taking care to optimize our WordPress servers for the best performance and our suite of plugins specifically tailored for your WordPress website. 

Not only will you see improvements to site speed, your will receive all the benfits of our shared hosting plans with website maintenance by our team of WordPress experts. Software, applications, and plugins all need maintenance to remain secure. Website maintenance reduces the risk of liability long-term.

See the full list of Managed WordPress Hosting benefits.

For even faster performance, CourseVector’s dedicated hosting servers start as little as $50 per month. 

Want even more ranking improvement?

Why stop with site speed? Our SEO experts can keep increasing your site rank with a custom online marketing plan.

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