Telemedicine Firm Improves Ranks by Switching to CV SEO

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TeleSpecialists is a physician-owned tele-medicine company providing specialized neurological care to over 175 hospitals. The company’s marketing department has worked with a few SEO companies to increase their business-to-business (B2B) visibility online. TeleSpecialists currently partners with CourseVector for website design, SEO, and hosting services for the website.

We recently spoke with their marketing team to find out just how much CourseVector’s services differed from the other companies they’ve worked with.  

CourseVector: How is CourseVector different from the other SEO companies you have worked with?

TeleSpecilists: The other SEO companies were not very responsive. When we have questions, the CV team strives to get back to me within 24 hours. There were times when the other SEO company just did not answer questions. CV also provides a detailed account of everything that you do to the site. My team finds this transparency refreshing.

CourseVector: What do you like most about working with CourseVector?

TeleSpecilists: The best part about working with the CV team is your responsiveness and the collaboration. You always listen to what what we need in a way that makes me feel like I have a say in the outcome. I don’t feel like I’m being told “this is the end-all, be-all solution to your problem”.

Our TeleSpecialists marketing team loves the SEO software CV uses. I realize that I’m not the “typical” client because I’m in the site all the time. But the software REALLY makes it easy for me to make sure the stuff I’m adding to the site is optimized.

CourseVector: What do you like least?

TeleSpecilists: When CourseVector changes the website without telling me. Again, though, I realize I’m not your “typical” SEO client. I’m very hands-on.  

(CourseVector normally manages SEO with as little client time commitments as possible. TeleSpecialists is a bit outside the norm for one of our managed SEO clients.)

CourseVector: How satisfied are you with our SEO?  

TeleSpecilists: It is night and day since starting with CourseVector. Our rankings have improved a ton and we can see exactly what is being done thanks to the client portal. We are highly satisfied with your SEO program.

Telemedicine Firm Improves Ranks by Switching to CV SEO -
Abbreviated version of the client portal for TeleSpecialists

(CourseVector sets measurable goals and time frames so clients always know exactly how well they/we are performing.)

CourseVector: How satisfied are you with our Web Design? We just finished development on your Stroke Coordinator site.

TeleSpecilists: The whole process was easy. Everyone loves the design. The team is satisfied enough to use you guys again in the future.

Telemedicine Firm Improves Ranks by Switching to CV SEO -
Stroke Coordinator Resources Website

CourseVector: What value have we brought to your company?

TeleSpecilists: Our primary keyword has improved to the top 10 since starting with CV only a few months ago. Again, it’s night and day from our last SEO company.

Telemedicine Firm Improves Ranks by Switching to CV SEO -
Screenshot of ranking report for a targeted keyword

CourseVector: Why did you choose us over the competition?

TeleSpecilists: It was a timing thing. The we needed a new SEO company, and we were impressed with how easy the CV site was to use.

CourseVector: How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your business?

TeleSpecilists: While you would think the use of telemedicine would increase during the COVID-19 pandemic, stroke volume dropped because no one is going to the hospital. We’ve have had to cut back on spending some. However, we have not slashed the entire marketing budget. It is important to press on during economic downturns if possible, to come out ahead when spending (or hospital use) returns to normal.

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