Top Security Risks

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Protect your organization by knowing digital risks

Don’t become a statistic. Protect yourself from breaches by knowing the biggest online security risks within your organization.

Humans: Anyone with access to a network is a potential risk.
Best Defense:  Training.
Training is a critical component of any solid security program. offers free security posters to help create a “Culture of Security.” 

Malware: Computer viruses can be introduced through web browsing, Emails, files or from any access to the Internet.
Best Defense:  Anti-virus software.
Two of the best virus/malware prevention tools on the market are Malwarebytes and Vipre.  For added protection during web browsing, SafedDNS is an excellent choice.

Inadequate Patch Management: Almost all software requires updates, not just Windows.
Best Defense: Periodic computer reviews including patching.
Patch management is not enough by itself.  In a corporate envorinoment, computers should be reviewed by a competent technician to ensure all settings are working as expected and that any changes to computer policy have been implemented across the network.

IoT Vulnerabilities: Printers, security camera’s, connected door locks all pose security risks if connected to a network.
Best Defense:  Limit use of IoT devices and/or segment networks to deny IoT devices to infrastructure.
Segmenting networks for Wi-Fi access is critical in most corporate environments.  Wi-Fi networks should not have access to internal network structures.  Where possible, keeping IoT devices on the segmented network is a good safety precaution.

Man in the Middle: Traffic to and from WiFi devices can be intercepted especially on public networks.
Best Defense:  Avoid using public WiFi and instead opt for a VPN.
VPNs(Virtual Private Networks) are easy to set up and maintain, even for home users.  Unless a VPN is used, public Wi-Fi connections can allow almost anyone within range to view data being sent by your device, and, in some cases, data that is stored on the device that has not been transmitted via the Internet.

Expired Digital Certificate: Expired SSL certificates can allow public access to network/Internet traffic.
Best Defense: Document, manage, review and update SSL certificates periodically.
In today’s envoronment, it is good to find a managed hosting company that will help with all of your Internet needs from certificate management, security, backups, etc.  Quality manage hosting is not automated, but rather reviewed and updated by live technicians.  CourseVector provides one of the best managed hosting platforms around.

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