Why Nonprofits Need Online Giving

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By Paul Dietzel

Let’s talk about money.

Talking about money and ways to increase giving in nonprofit organizations can sometimes be a taboo topic. It may seem too straightforward or tacky to talk about money. 

I get it. But here’s the thing: Donations are the lifeblood of nonprofit organizations. 

Without generous gifts from donors, nonprofit organizations would cease to exist. With that in mind, let’s dig a bit deeper into why nonprofit organizations and ministries should use the best technology to further their mission.

Why online giving?

Why online? Why not talk about tools that involve checkbooks or cash? Nearly everyone is active online and on their phones – even senior citizens. 

And let’s face it: Millennials rarely carry cash or write checks.

So how do millennials and other tech-savvy individuals make donations? With online giving!

Make the donation process easy for everyone by offering online giving. Organizations should make sure those who prefer to give online have the option to do so. Be accommodating of donors who prefer to send their donations through the mail, but also consider the preferences of the potential online donors. 

Remember: The easier the donation process, the more likely it is that you will receive donations. 

Is online giving secure?

Generally speaking, online giving is much more secure than physical cash and check donations. There are many opportunities for errors and mistakes when handling physical donations. All of that goes away when donations are made online. 

When donations are made through secure payment gateways, they are tracked electronically. You have records of who donated, the amount that was donated, and when the donation was made. This makes bookkeeping a breeze!

On top of that, modern online donation platforms use TLS encryption for processing and are PCI-compliant. Simply put, online giving is secure. 

How can nonprofits use online giving?

Once your organization has an online giving solution in place, all you need to do is promote the donation page. 

You can email your supporters a link to the donation page, share the donation page on your social media pages, and include it on your website. 

Your supporters will then have the ability to give directly to your organization with credit cards, debits cards, ACH payments, Apple Pay, or PayPal. 

Get started now!

Anedot provides an easy way for your supporters to donate to your organization from anywhere on any device with any payment method.

No hidden fees – Anedot does not charge set-up or monthly fees.

Free text to give  – Anedot provides free text-to-give to every customer. Donors just text your organization’s customizable keyword to 225-25 to donate.

Hands on support – Anedot believes in hands on support. If you need assistance with anything, our success team will be there to help.

Getting started is simple. Go to anedot.com/signup. Anedot’s team will work to get you set up within hours of signing up.


Paul Dietzel is the founder and CEO of Anedot. You can follow Paul on Twitter @PaulDietzel and read more of his writing at the Anedot blog.

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