Why your website needs to use HTTPS

Author: Jennifer | Date: July 22, 2019 | Categories: ,

If your website does not use the HTTPS security protocol, you could be losing visitors. HTTPS is not just for ecommerce anymore. As of 2017, Google Chrome has been marking sites that do not use the security protocol as “not secure”. Starting in October 2019, Firefox will do the same.

What is HTTP?

HTTP, meaning “hypertext transfer protocol,” is the first part of a URL. It relates to how transference of data occurs from a server to your screen. HTTPS, the S stands for “Secure,” encrypts the data transferred with the use of a security certificate.

Sites that do not use the HTTPS security protocol will be flagged as “not secure”. The majority of visitors to a site marked as not secure will leave rather than risking it. 

The secure protocol is particularly important if you are accepting payments through your site. Whether you use a secure payment gateway or not, giving your visitor’s a sense of security is important if you want them to trust you with their credit card or other payment information.

Not HTTPS yet?
You should be.

If you are a CourseVector customer and notice that you’re still using the HTTP protocol, contact us today to get switch your site to HTTPS. There are no recurring fees involved with the switch, just a one-time setup fee.

Contact CourseVector today to switch from HTTP to HTTPS.

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