Writing Content That Will Improve Your SEO Score

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Ensuring the content of your website is up to date, and relevant can increase your overall SEO score.  But in order to do so, your content must be well written.  Below are some tips to consider when writing content for your site whether you are starting from scratch or updating an existing website.

How To Write New Content

  • Choose A Topic When writing new content, choosing a topic is as simple as picking out what the page you are creating will be about.
  • Ask Questions Any questions you have regarding the topic should be written down.
  • Research Taking time to research the topic will help you collect information.  Gather information, take notes and be aware of any repeated information.
  • Ask More Questions Consider yourself as someone with no knowledge of your topic–would they have any additional questions?
  • Create Once you have your questions and research done, the next step would be to create your content.
  • Review and Organize As you create your content, do not expect perfection.–this is where editing and finetuning your information comes in.
  • Metadata and Headings Create and read your content before creating the title tag, meta description, and headings.
  • Perform Keyword Research Lastly, take your primary topic, do keyword research, and make the appropriate adjustments throughout your content to ensure it reaches the most people.

How To Update Existing Content

When you are updating content that already exists, the most significant difference is that you will be identifying a topic rather than choosing one.
  • Identify the Topic Read the entire page and answer the question “What is this content about?”
  • Ask Questions Consider what questions you have after reading the content.
  • Research Again, gather information, research the topic, and take detailed notes.
  • Ask More Questions What questions do you still have?
  • Create Time to create your website content with the information you have gathered.
  • Review and Organize When working with existing content parts of the content may need to be adjusted, moved, or taken out altogether.
  • Metadata and Headings Create the appropriate headings and metadata for your revised content.
  • Perform Keyword Research And as the same with new content, take your primary topic, do keyword research, and make the appropriate adjustments throughout your content for maximum reach.

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