SEO Search Engine Optimization Experiments

SEO Experiments With Interesting Results

SEO Search Engine Optimization is an ever-changing pursuit. An article in Search Engine Watch documented some pretty interesting SEO experiments done during 2016 and the results. There is really nothing new about the findings, however they do lend credence to what most professional SEO technicians have always said. Following is a summary of the results:

Does Organic Search Click-Through Rate Matter?

Is Organic CTR an Organic Search Ranking Factor?

Can Rewriting Your Titles Boost Your CTR?

Do Website Engagement Rates Impact Organic Search Rankings?
Yes – Engaging content is still king!

What’s the REAL Relationship Between Organic Rankings & Social Shares?
Again, content is king in both media.

In our opinion, the bottom line of these experiments indicate that engaging content along with good on page optimization will definitely help your rankings.

To read the details on these experiments, check out the article on Search Engine Watch.

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