New Spam Filtering System

Our spam filtering system, Postlayer, merged or was bought out by FuseMail. As of today, you will start getting quarantine reports from FuseMail instead of Postlayer. The reports are formatted a bit differently, but work the same as Postlayer.

Supposedly, all settings were ported to the new system and we have spent some time working on and adjusting how the new system works and we are “fairly” confident that everything is running at properly. If you notice any Spam that is getting through or you need something white listed so it always gets through, please open a ticket and we will investigate/fix the issue.

IT had nothing to do with this change and we waited until the first quarantine reports were distributed until we notified staff, just to make sure everything was running properly.

Apparently, PostLayer is still sending out reports and we have blocked those so that Postlayer reports will show up in your FuseMail quarantine, at least temporary. You can safely ignore anything from Postlayer.

If you have any questions, feel free to open a ticket.

Questions That Were Asked:

How do we report spam that shows up in our inbox?

Simply forward the entire message to the ticketing system ( or with a message that the email was missed spam.

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