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Why it is important to SEO your website during the off-season.

Many small business owners run very successful seasonal businesses. The income earned during one season of work can be enough to live on for the whole year. But, how does running a seasonal business affect the way you market? With more traditional forms of advertising, like commercials, coupons, or magazine ads, it doesn’t make much sense to spend money on advertising your services during the off season. However, with search engine optimization, or SEO, it is important to ramp up optimization efforts during the off season to be sure you’re found when people are searching for your business online.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO is not a quick-fix, once-and-done marketing strategy. It takes time, especially when you’re competing with others in your market. Super-competitive markets will take longer to achieve the organic SEO goals of those with less-searched keywords, products, or services.

To stand out from the crowd, focus on the following areas:

  • Be different – What sets your business apart for others like yours?
  • Shop Local – Focus on local search results, especially if you serve a relatively small geographic location.
  • Competitor analysis – Keep tabs with what your competitors are doing right (and wrong) to better hone your own marketing plan.

Organic SEO is derived from a number of factors, including:

  • Website speed
  • Broken links
  • Image optimization
  • Theme issues
  • Device compatibility
  • Site navigation
  • And more!

It is a lot to focus on, for sure. If you’re overwhelmed at the thought of constantly tweaking your website, it might be best to partner with an SEO professional to help guide your SEO efforts.

When to begin your seasonal SEO campaign

Organic SEO can take time. It can take anywhere from 6 months to a year to see real rank improvements. However, the longer you stick with your organic SEO game-plan, the better and more consistent your results will be.

If you are a lawn-care company that makes most of its money in the summer months, it would be best to begin SEO efforts at least 6 months prior to when you’d like to be found. Here in Central Pennsylvania, March and April are the months when people begin to think about their spring and summer lawn maintenance needs. That means that a landscape company should begin to ramp up SEO efforts by September, which is likely right around the time when business is winding down for the season.

Many landscape companies here in the Northeast also do snow removal. To be found when people are looking for snow removal services, one should begin to ramp up SEO efforts in July.

Once you have taken the 6 months prior to your busy season to really establish the content on your site, you’re ready to drive people to it not only through search results pages, but also through social media engagement and more traditional advertising methods.

Ready to get started? Start with a free SEO analysis from one of our SEO experts.

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