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Four Types of Website Content to Help Maximize Sales

Website content can seem like a difficult task to tackle, especially for people who aren’t great writers. Your website is a powerful sales tool and should be used as such. A variety of website content should be geared towards different areas of the sale.

Website Content Write to SellEarly-Stage Content

Early-stage content should include very general and informative information. This type of information belongs on your blog and in some social media updates. Because the readers of this information might not be ready to buy, there are certain things to keep in mind as you create this type of content:

  • It should appeal to a wide-range of audiences.
  • It should not be product specific
  • It should appeal to those seeking information in your industry.

This early-stage website content really helps to build brand awareness, hopefully driving readers to your website. Some examples of early-stage content might include:

Informative posts work great in the early stages of a sale. Write about your experiences as an industry expert. Often times, readers will feel comforted by knowing that they aren’t the only ones experiencing certain problems or concerns in your industry.

Lists, interviews, and observations are all website content types that will help someone searching for information on your industry.

Do you see things changing in your industry? You could explain why or how in this early-stage content. Not only will this information someone searching for information on your industry, you’ll also help to establish yourself as an expert in the field.

Middle-Stage Content

Middle-stage content includes more specific informative information. Some middle-stage content could include videos, tutorials, and product-specific information. At this point, your content might aim to get the user to trade information by providing an email address or filling out a form.

Middle-stage content will likely be on your website rather than your blog.

Late-Stage Content

Late-stage website content should include very specific, informative information. It belongs on your website in the form of buyers’ guides, reviews, testimonials, etc. These items are very specific to your business and your satisfied customers. This is why customers will choose you over the competition.

Much like middle-stage content, late-stage content will likely be on the website itself rather than the blog.

Customer Retention Content

Website content is important after the sale as well. Keep your brand on your customers’ minds by using social media updates, a customer newsletter, or the occasional email blast. It would be appropriate to use humor here, as you’re targeting your existing customers with this content.

A How-to Post would work great here. Explaining how a specific model of your product works will give your readers a resource that they can come back to again and again.

Timely content, like promotions or appearances, will also give your readers a reason to return to your website.

Since you are the expert, you’re expected to keep up with news and innovations in your industry. Industry News tailored to your readers is a great way to keep them information while building your credibility.

Do not feel too confined by any one type of content. Many of the customer retention content suggestions could also work as early-stage content. The key is to write and write often. If necessary, create a content schedule to keep your posts on track.

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