What is Cache and How Do I Clear Browser Cache When Updating My WordPress Site

CourseVector receives a lot of support requests stating that the changes that were made to a WordPress page or post are not showing up. In virtually all cases, the changes are indeed made, but the client’s browser cache is preventing viewing the changes.

What is Cache?

Wikipedia defines web cache as a technology for the temporary storage (caching) of web documents (WordPress Pages or Posts) with the aim of improving the speed of the page display thereby reducing visitor lag. Browser cache is a very necessary part of any good website/webdesign. When a web page is requested, the client browser will check to see if that page has been visited in the recent past. If it has, the browser will display the page that is stored on the client computer instead of the page actually being displayed on the website. Therefore, if changes are being made to a page and the page is being viewed to confirm those changes, it is very likely the changes will not be displayed with the current changes. Instead the saved copy of the site will be offered from the clients browser cache.

How Do I Clear Browser Cache When Updating My WordPress Site

Now that we have defined What is Cache, lets correct the issues that it can cause.

The first thing to do, is to tell WordPress to clear browser cache. This will send a notice to the client browser that the page is out of date and that it needs to pull a new copy of the page. It is very simple to clear the page cache as indicated below. Simply click the link on the right side, Purge from cache under the Publish section.
How Do I Clear Cache When Updating My WordPress Site

If clearing cache within WordPress does not work (sometimes browser cache can become corrupt or unstable) client browser cache can be cleared manually. Refresh Your Cache has an excellent set of instructions for clearing cache for all major browsers.

Before opening a ticket, always try clearing your cache. Of course if you still have an issue, contact us for help.

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