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CourseVector’s Mail Store Email Management service offers an easy way to archive email, incoming and outgoing, for all email users, allowing for cost effective storage management, regulatory compliance, easy retrieval and more. Our Mail Store Service is designed to be self maintaining with little to no interaction on the part of the business/user.

Why Archive Email?

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CourseVector’s Mail Store Email Management Solution

CourseVector’s solution to archive Email is transparent to the user and stores Email offline and encrypted so that space on the client’s web server does not become an issue. Once set up, all Email that flows in and out of the Email server is archived – every Email box, every Email, all the time. To keep the system really simple, Emails can be retrieved by completing our online form and, within 24 hours, all requested Emails will be forwarded to the client. Those Emails can be searched or viewed using Windows Explorer, or they can be imported or opened by almost any Email client.

CourseVector’s Mail Store Email Archive Solution costs just $50 per year for up to 25G of storage. There is a one time setup fee of $50 and a retrieval fee of $15 for each request. Importing already existing Email boxes costs $15 per box, one time.

Although it is much easier and more stable for client’s using the mail server that is provided with our hosting, CourseVector can collect and archive Emails from various servers such as,, etc.

If you are interested in CourseVector’s Email Archiving Service to help manage email, feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

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